This Week

An Osaka Party

All you have to do is show up
Meet people. See some new bars.
Chat. Dance. Have fun. Go crazy!
We promise you an epic night.

Entrance to 3 bars, incl. 1 club
New lineup every week
Unlimited shots between bars
Drink discounts at all bars
Photos of the night included


Kick-Off :Golden Week Special Pub Crawl

Sat April. 29th
4月 29日(土)


This is a time to Celebrate, Say Hello to our long Vacations with our Kick-Off!

Golden Week 2017 is here! Come and celebrate with us! Many folks are headed out of the country to enjoy some R&R and take a break from work. The rest of us will just party all night in OSAKA!!! As Osaka sees many visitors this time of the year, it should be an interesting and dynamic turnout. Let's go!




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