Friday      12/13      7:00pm

     Saturday      12/14      7:00pm

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Upcoming Themes


October 4th(FRI) 7:00pm

October 5th(SAT) 7:00pm

October 11th(FRI) 7:00pm

October 12th(SAT) 7:00pm

October 18th(FRI) 7:00pm

October 19th(SAT) 7:00pm

10/25 FRI 7:00pm

10/26 SAT 7:00pm

11/1 FRI 7:00pm

11/2 SAT 7:00pm

11/8 FRI 7:00pm

11/9 SAT 7:00pm

11/15FRI 7:00pm

11/16 SAT 7:00pm

11/22 FRI 7:00pm

11/23 SAT 7:00pm

11/29 FRI 7:00pm

11/30 SAT 7:00pm

12/6 FRI 7:00pm

12/7 SAT 7:00pm

12/13 FRI 7:00pm

12/14 SAT 7:00pm

12/20 FRI 7:00pm

12/21 SAT 7:00pm

12/27 FRI 7:00pm

12/28 SAT 7:00pm

12/31 TUE 6.30pm

1/3 FRI 7.00pm

1/4 SAT 7.00pm

1/10 FRI 7.00pm

1/11 SAT 7.00pm

1/17 FRI 7.00pm

1/18 SAT 7.00pm

1/24 FRI 7.00pm

1/25 SAT 7.00pm

1/31 FRI 7.00pm

2/1 SAT 7.00pm

100+ pub crawls, here are some of our themes so far...

We put a lot of effort into our events every week.

So give us a shot and come check us out

(We know it says Tokyo, Both run the same theme weekly)